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Hylkema piling CFA piles with Junttan MPx90 in Eindhoven

Hylkema Funderingstechniek B.V. working with their Junttan MPx90 multipurpose drilling rig in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The project is in old Philips...

15.1.2019 News


Junttan PMx26 featured in the new Piling Canada Magazine

The Junttan steep inclination pile driving rig, PMx26, was featured in the latest Piling Canada Magazine. Covering the latest Junttan...

3.1.2019 News


Happy Holiday Season!

Thank you for the great year 2018. We wish you and all your families a Happy Holiday Season and all...

21.12.2018 News


Junttans at the Expansion of Offshore Gas Production Facilities, Indonesia

Tangguh LNG Expansion Project is an expansion of the existing LNG offshore gas production facilities located on the southern shores...

20.12.2018 News


Plomp’s New Junttan PMx24 Pile Driving Rig

Pleased customers Arie and Ruud Plomp from Plomp Funderingstechnieken, and their new addition to their fleet, Junttan PMx24 pile driving...

19.12.2018 News


Junttan PM26 DTH piling rig at the Tampereen Kansi Project

KFS Finland has completed piling in Tampere city center, at the unique project called Tampereen Kansi (Tampere Cover). “The Cover” will...

18.12.2018 News


Savo Volley Players Visiting Junttan Factory

We had famous visitors today at Junttan factory. Savo Volley’s volleyball players Antti Siltala and Taichi Kawaguchi visited Junttan. Savo...

17.12.2018 News


Junttan PMx28 on the Job at the I-5 Port of Tacoma Project

Subsurface Construction, LLC renting a Junttan PMx28 from Hammer & Steel for the I-5 Port of Tacoma project. Subsurface is...

13.12.2018 News

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